From Transgender Trend:

Ten studies have been conducted looking at whether gender dysphoria persists throughout childhood. On average 80% of children change their minds and do not continue into adulthood as transgender. Some of these studies are very old, the first being published in 1968 and others in the 1980s. This was during a time when being transgender was not accepted as widely in society as it is now so it can be argued that this may have influenced many to change their minds.


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Detransition is increasingly common. Groups like Our Duty, Detrans Voices, and Post Trans are helping families understand more about the growing phenomenon.

Blogs/Social Media for detransitioners:

A Message of Hope for Dysphoric Young People, From Five Anonymous Detransitioners

Destroy Your Binder


Personal blog of a detransitioned woman on reconciling with femaleness and coping with gender dysphoria without transition. “I destroyed my binder after years and years of struggling with dysphoria over my breasts. I share my experiences because I believe that you can make a commitment to yourself like this, too.”

Detransition Info

A blog moderated by detransitioners where people can ask questions and share their experiences.

Hormone Hangover

Blog written by Grace, a detransitioned female, about her experiences detransitioning.

Lost In Transition

Blog by Jay, a detransitioned woman, discussing her experiences with transitioning and detransitioning. Jay provides deep introspection into her reasons and motivations for seeking transition as well as her experiences with healing and coming to terms with herself as a woman.

The New Thought Crime

Intended to serve as a concise but thorough resource for all people assigned female at birth, aims to promote free thinking and independent decision making, to draw attention to unhealthy dynamics in the transgender community, and to support disillusioned individuals and show them that answers exist to whatever unanswered questions they might have.

Post Trans



Storytelling project sharing anonymous stories of detransitioned females. Based in Germany and intending to come from a European perspective, includes stories from females located elsewhere. You can find and follow Post Trans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Redress Alert

Blog specifically dedicated to females reconciling with being female after a period of dis-identification. Written by a detrans, re-identified woman, she offers her personal insights and knowledge on the subjects of detransition, desistance and re-identification.

Scarlett N. Phoenix

Blog by detransitioned woman Scarlet. Documenting her detransition as well as writing insightful essays around ideology and personal identity.