We believe children changing their sex is the result of a society that tells us to hate our bodies. With the explosion of social media use, more children than ever are opting to irreversibly change their sex characteristics. We applaud brave professionals like Dr. Marcus Evans who sounded the alarm on these “affirmative” experimental treatments for children. We are presently working with several physicians to pen letters against this new form of child abuse.

Dr. Lisa Littman’s viral article on rapid-onset gender dysphoria helps us better understand why and how children identify as transgender. Although the article was censored, we commend her work getting the truth about the transgender epidemic out.

With a 28-fold increase in referrals in the UK and an unknown explosion in the US, it’s time we take action for body acceptance!

Detransition Studies

Via Transgender Trend

Individuals Treated for Gender Dysphoria with Medical and/or Surgical Transition Who Subsequently Detransitioned: A Survey of 100 Detransitioners

Lisa Littman

“Some were harmed by transition and detransitioned because they concluded that their gender dysphoria was caused by trauma, a mental health condition, internalized homophobia, or misogyny—conditions that are not likely to be resolved with transition.These findings highlight the complexity of gender dysphoria and suggest that, in some cases, failure to explore co-morbidities and the context in which the gender dysphoria emerged can lead to misdiagnosis, missed diagnoses, and inappropriate gender transition.”

Read the full study here

Detransition-Related Needs and Support: A Cross-Sectional Online Survey

Elie Vandenbussche

“The results showed important psychological needs in relation to gender dysphoria, comorbid conditions, feelings of regret and internalized homophobic and sexist prejudices. It was also found that many detransitioners need medical support notably in relation to stopping/changing hormone therapy, surgery/treatment complications and reversal interventions. Additionally, the results indicated the need for hearing about other detransitioners’ experiences and meeting each other.”

Read the full study results here

Female Detransition and Reidentification: Survey Results and Interpretation


“This survey was created for anyone female/AFAB who formerly self-described as transgender. This includes women who transitioned, whether socially and/or medically, and subsequently detransitioned, as well as individuals who still identify as nonbinary or genderfluid, but have desisted from medical or social transition.”

Read the full survey results here

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Websites and Support Groups

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A useful graphic by our friends at Parents at ROGD kids: